Dear students and staff of the university!

Specialized Hospital “Pro-Family”
Medical Faculty of the University of Rzeszow

Regional Training Center for Rehabilitation for Children and Youth in Rzeszów with the support of the Administration of Podkarpackie Voivodeship and the Institute of International Academic and Scientific Cooperation

Invites to a scientific medical internship in Poland, which will take place from 04.06.2017 to 08.06.2017.

Upon successful completion of the program, participants will receive a certificate of scientific internship - 108 academic hours (36 hours of lectures and 72 hours of self-education)

Deadline for registration: May 13, 2017.
Venue: Lviv, Rzeszow

The internship program, the list of specializations for the internship and other additional information can be found on the IMANS website: .