Medical Students Without Borders Program, supported by the Lyon Club, Vienna, Austria

Students of 4-5 years of study at our university have a great opportunity to participate in the program of the Lyon Club, “Medical Students without Borders” and undergo a summer internship in clinics in Austria, lasting 4 weeks. The main selection criteria are:

Full-time form of study, 4-5 course, knowledge of German (level B2) and average score not lower than 4.2. Scholarships and accommodation are provided to participants. Applicants who meet the above criteria can apply to the International Relations Department with a photocopy of all pages of the record book, a certificate from the dean’s office on the average score for the entire period of study, a photocopy of the first page of the passport, German-written biography, cover letter, (size 1 page, single space, 14 font), letter of recommendation on German language skills and / or certificate of completion.

            The deadline for applications is February 17, 2014.

            For more detailed information, please contact the International Relations Department.

Mochernyuk MI

head of the department of international relations