International mobility of a BSMU teacher within the Erasmus + KA107 project

In the period from 20.09 to 24.09.2021, Assistant Professor of Medical Biology and Genetics
BSMU, Candidate of Biological Sciences Olga Kushnirik
took part in the
EU academic mobility in the international project Erasmus + KA107 in Santiago de
Compostela (Spain). International cooperation in exchange was carried out on the basis of the Faculty of
Medicine and Dentistry of the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC). At the invitation
of Professor Jesus Rodriguez Rekena, a researcher in protein biochemistry at the Research
Center for Molecular Medicine and Chronic Diseases (CIMUS) at the University of Santiago
de Compostela, Olga gave a series of five lectures on molecular biology and
Genetics for 5th year students of OS “Master” of medical specialties on the
following topics:

1) “Molecular basis of heredity. Realization of hereditary information »
2)« Patterns of inheritance and gene interactions »
3)« Heredity and variation »
4)« Chromosomal disorders and methods of their diagnosis »
5)« Gene disorders and methods of their diagnosis »

The academic exchange allowed students of the University of Santiago de
Compostela to listen to a series of lectures provided in their curriculum, and teachers
to improve their teaching skills and share their own teaching experience and teaching
methods. The lectures on molecular biology and genetics have aroused
lively discussion and interest among undergraduates who are currently carrying out their research
projects under the guidance of experienced professors. According to the lecturer,
the experience of giving lectures to students who have already decided on the topic
of their research and have the necessary foundation of knowledge in this field was interesting and fascinating: “I am glad that
The presented material helped future specialists to understand the intricacies of molecular
mechanisms of hereditary information transmission, issues of mutagenesis and prenatal diagnosis
of hereditary human diseases. I express my sincere gratitude to BSMU for participating in the
Erasmus + KA107 mobility program, supporting and promoting this kind of international cooperation. “
In addition to lecturing, Olga Vasylivna’s international business plan included a meeting
with CIMUS USC teachers and staff, discussing the specifics of the educational
process in Ukraine and Spain, organizing extracurricular and research work of students and
dissertations, which will contribute to a deeper understanding of medical science