Exchange of experience with N. Testemitanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy, (Moldova)

 During the trip, during November 18-23, BSMU students took an active part in the student life of the State Medical University of Medicine and Pharmacy. N. Testemician. Interns Anatoliy Andriyets and students Victoria Yuzko, Volodymyr Makovsky, Iryna Babenchuk, Nina Khashchova, Maria Bobak, Tetyana Paduraru, Yulia Bilooka, Anna Rybarchuk, Victoria Bigunets, Doynitsa Popescu, Anastasia Pushkashu were present at lectures and practical classes.

    BSMU students had a unique opportunity to visit the medical facilities of the university, to be present at operations and during childbirth. Also, visit the simulation center – one of the largest in Europe, where there are models and endoscopic simulators. All students underwent practical skills on simulants who are specially trained to simulate a certain disease. Also, students visited museums of human anatomy. Students from Moldova organized a wonderful cultural program in which our students visited the Krikovo winery. 

    Under the terms of the agreement signed on November 21, the Association of Medical Students and Residents in Moldova and the BSU Student Scientific Society will promote bilateral relations in the implementation of projects and participation of medical students in improving the health of the two countries. This cooperation is also designed to help improve the training of health professionals.