From June 24 to August 23, 2013  students of 4-6 courses of BSMU: Andriy Hrynkevych, Lyudmyla Kuzyk, Dmytro Chekushin and Iryna Pasichnyk underwent internships at the University Clinic in Lübeck (Universitätsklinikum Schleswig-Holstein in Lübeck).

       The internship took place according to a clear schedule. The first week included seminars and workshops on the following issues: blood collection techniques, venous catheters, surgical sutures, basics of osteosynthesis, pulmonary resuscitation and more. Then there were 8 weeks of practice in the hospital departments – 2 weeks in therapy, surgery, gynecology and anesthesiology. Students gained experience in collecting material for research, tactics of patient management of therapeutic, surgical, gynecological profiles and organizational work of medical staff.

–  The training of Ukrainian and German medical students is absolutely the same, we have the same approaches to treatment, but, unfortunately, the possibilities of their implementation are very different,  – shared her impressions of the trip Lyudmila Kuzyk. –  The Germans have a much higher level of diagnosis. If our doctors also had such a base,  they would introduce new diagnostic methods. By the way, German doctors sincerely and willingly shared their experience with us: we had joint examinations, manipulations, conversations with patients. We were on an internship in Lübeck for 60 days and we will have enough experience and impressions for a long time, but of course we would like to continue our communication. And in this sense, it is very good that there is a perspective and such cooperation between universities.

–  Everything took place in a friendly atmosphere, the doctors treated us like German colleagues, explained a lot, willingly answered questions, were interested in life in Ukraine. I was impressed by the really high level of technological support of hospitals and the qualification of medical staff ,  – said Iryna Pasichnyk.

     In addition to gaining practical experience, students had a great opportunity to simultaneously improve their knowledge of the German language, get acquainted with the culture of Germany, make business acquaintances.            

 We express our sincere gratitude to Professor Karl Klotz and his team for the warm welcome and friendly attitude towards our students!